Club notice of race (NOR)

  1. The schedule of races and race officer duty can be found in the website calendar.
  2. By starting a race in the schedule, you are implicitly agreeing to race under this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions below.
  3. If you cannot do your scheduled race officer duty, you must organise a replacement and let the club secretary know so that the website calendar can be updated.
  4. Competitors shall be club members or have permission to race from an executive committee member.
  5. Club boats shall not be used unless they have been booked out using the online form, or you have permission from a member of the executive committee.
  6. All competitors shall sign on before sailing and sign off after sailing on the sheets provided in the club foyer.
  7. Delcarations of retirement and/or penalities taken (if required by the RRS) shall be made on the sheets in the foyer.
  8. Scoring penalties (see SIs) are applied if you fail to do your race officer duty or you fail to sign on or off.
  9. Races should be started at their scheduled time (or rescheduled time if postponed on the day) regardless of whether or not any competitors are late, unless unusual weather conditions hold up all boats similarly.
  10. All boats shall carry third party indemnity of £3,000,000.

Club sailing instructions (SIs)

  1. Racing will be governed by the following publications (editions current at series start):-
    • ISAF Racing rules of sailing (RRS)
    • Prescriptions of the RYA
    • These sailing instructions (SIs)
  2. If greater than 6 competitors per fleet in a series, boats shall race and be scored in one of 3 fleets, with starts as defined below. If less than 6, Fast and Slow handicap results will be combined:-
    • Fast handicap
    • Catamaran handicap
    • Slow handicap
  3. At the race officers discretion the slow handicap boats may be started on a second start.
  4. Start 2 shall proceed as soon as is practically possible after a successful Start 1 including after any Start 1 general and individual recalls etc if necessary. Start 2 5min signal shall NOT be the Start 1 0min signal.
  5. Boats in Start 2 shall keep clear of the starting area during Start 1.
  6. The PY split for slow/fast handicap shall be:-
    • Slow: 1200 and higher (slower).
    • Fast: below 1200.
  7. RRS rule 44.1 is changed such that catamarans shall do a single penalty turn.
  8. Average lap racing shall be assumed unless otherwise stated on the day.
  9. A start line, finish line, course and number of laps shall be specified on the day. Different courses may be specified for the 3 fleets at the OODs discretion.
  10. Scoring
    1. The low point scoring system of RRS Appendix A shall apply.
    2. Handicap races shall be scored using these rating systems:-
      • Slow handicap : PY
      • Fast handicap : PY
      • Catamaran handicap : SCHRS
    3. Boats failing to sign on or off shall be scored DNX : boats in series + 1.
    4. Boats that performed their scheduled race officer or rescue duty shall be scored OOD, scored as RDGa (average points not including discards)
    5. Boats failing to perform their scheduled race officer or rescue duty shall be scored OOX : boats in the series + 1 and it shall not be discardable.
    6. The number of discards allowed shall be 40% of the races sailed, rounded to the nearest integer.
  11. Committee boat starts
    1. A start line, finish line and course will be specified on the day.
    2. Unless otherwise stated, fleet flags used for committee boat starts shall be:-
  12. Roof starts (this changes RRS rule 26).
    1. A start line, finish line and course will be specified on the day.
    2. Roof start sequence shall be, left to right:-
      • 5min : three light + beep.
      • 4min : two lights + beep.
      • 1min : one lights + beep.
      • 0min : all lights off + long beep.
      • General recall: flash all lights and multiple sound signals. Leave all lights on until recall is clear to competitors then turn of all lights and restart as soon as possible.
      • Individual recall: single sound signal and call safety using VHF to inform boats. Leave all lights on until all boats have restarted then turn all off after a few seconds.
    3. At the discretion of the race officer, boats due to finish may be given one or more short beeps and/or a flashing of the lights as they approach their last mark.
    4. At the discretion of the race officer, a finishing line may be identified by all lights being on, but this is not always possible due to average lap racing.