Saturday 0900: Flo Tovey sets off sailing to Ilfracombe... IN HER TOPPER!

My name is Flo Tovey, I am a 12 year old sailor and a member of the Welsh Topper sailing squad.

On the 18th of September 2021 I am going to be sailing across the Bristol channel which is approximately 24 miles. 

I'm doing this to raise awareness and money for

If you're about tomorrow morning, it would be great to give her a good send off, either on or off of the water.

If you're qualified, I'm sure that you could take out one of the club ribs as far as the pier to wave her off, get in contact with the usual people if you'd like to.

I'm sure that if you'd like to pop out on any craft - rowing, sailing, power or otherwise, she'd love the support.

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